Management & Key Holding

2, 3 or 4 Bedroom property 320 € per annum
Paid quarterly in advance:
(Jan, April, July and October)
Other size or unusual properties priced on inspection

If you wish, we included in the price of the Property Management the supply and fixing of a Security Key Box. Keys will be placed in the box no more than 24 hours before required by your guests for security reasons.

As an alternative, should you not wish a security key box please consider our MEET and GREET service for visitors and guests.

Management includes the following:

  • Key holding (three keys required)
  • At least 3 times a month check and report after...
  • Airing property
  • Visual inspection interior and exterior including checking for storm damage.
  • Security check
  • Check all light bulbs work.
  • Check plumbing for water leaks.
  • Examine furnishings for wear and tear. (Rental properties only)
  • Flush toilets and run taps and shower to clear stagnant water.
  • Check for signs of infestations and need of pest control.
  • Empty postbox inform, scan and forward correspondence if requested.
  • Information Pack including local emergency numbers and information on area.

    (We accept no responsibility or administer taxes on rental income for your property, please contact
    your Solicitor/Accountant before renting your property for advice on rental income obligations).